Achieve Foundation’s 2017-2018 “Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative” Awards Ceremony

Blog / December 15, 2017

On December 14th, while there was snow on the ground, there were some very warm hearts in the Columbia High School auditorium.  Eight teacher-nominated High School students excitedly accepted their 2017-2018 scholarships for private music instruction and/or professional grade instruments.  The awards went to:

Kamryn Coates – voice

Kim Dorvil – cello

Deshawna Exilus – violin

Nia Grace Paton- viola

Olivia Hirsch – clarinet

Matthew Lintern – voice

Mikayla Montano – violin

Elsa Noel – violin


This is the third year of scholarships awarded!  We are thrilled that Vanessa and Charlie Pollock, the Pollock Properties Group and generous community donors have been able to continue to impact the lives of so many students.  Thank you for your continued support!  Enjoy the pictures from the ceremony here:


Pictured: all award recipients, Vanessa and Charlie Pollock, Principal Aaron, Deborah Prinz and Robin Peacock of the Achieve Foundation. 

The Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative was founded to help:

1. Repair/add to the Music Instrument Inventory for the entire SOMA School District.

2. Provide scholarship funds to in-need students, for the rental of band/orchestra instruments.

3. Provide private music instruction and instruments to in-need prodigious students.


Read more about the initiative here.



Vanessa Pollock

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