Could a career in real estate change my life?

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That’s a great question.  Simply answered, yes.  You are here reading this because you are curious.  You love design, architecture, homes and people and you are curious about whether or not you can turn that into a career.  I will share with you my humble story.  It is just one of many examples of how a career in real estate with Keller Williams can change your life.

First let’s clear the air of what you DO NOT have to do:

— you do NOT have to buy ANYTHING from me

— you do NOT have to spend a fortune to launch your career

— you do NOT have to allow a company to dictate your future

— you do NOT have to invent any new special systems or ways of doing business

FIRST though, let me tell you a bit of my story…..

Keller Williams has truly transformed my life.  Almost 12 years ago I had a new born baby and about 10 cents to put together.  Actually that’s not totally true.  My Husband and I had just sold our first condo and had made some money on the sale, so we decided the time was right to start my real estate career.  I asked around some friends and became a rental agent in NYC and within 3 months realized that I wanted to work closer to home – closer to my baby.   I then became an Assistant to a top producing Agent at an international entrepreneurial-style real estate firm (with red, white and blue balloon signs). That Agent had intended on passing her business to me once she retired, but after six months of assisting her for NO PAY (and going through our entire savings account), it became very clear that she had no intention of helping me build a business , properly training me OR passing any of her business onto me.  Yup.  During that time, I had negotiated contracts for her, shown tons of homes, hosted a broker and public open houses for her, and overseen many many home inspections.  Not sure what to do next, after “breaking up” with her, my husband looked at me and said,  “I believe we just lived through your education in real estate. That money wasn’t wasted – just go out there and take the real estate world by storm”.  I moved to a new office at a non-Keller Williams brokerage in a new town and started as an independent Agent.  I only knew ONE FAMILY in that new town.  I put sheer work ethic and willpower into everything that I did, always with the mantra “put people first and success will follow”.  I quickly became the top producing agent for the entire franchise for three years running, but I was working 7 days a week, all hours of the day, often taking calls during bath time and missing important moments with my son. I also felt like I was having to constantly invent the wheel and self-discover how to make my business better.  The manager and Broker of the office were both “in production” (selling homes themselves), so I was competing for business with the very people who were supposed to be training me and helping develop my career.  I had been pursued by Keller Williams for years, and had always said “no thank you”, but then I went on a listing appointment with a seller who asked “why aren’t you with KW and have a red sign, because I see red signs everywhere”.  I knew that it was time to make a change. I immediately contacted an agent who had moved to Keller Williams and she put me in touch with the Team Leader (our fancy title for a Manager who also leads) – within a matter of weeks, I had joined my current Keller Williams Market Center (our fancy word for Office). The first year I came into the office my sales volume jumped to $12M, up from $8 million the year before. I knew however, that I needed to shake it up, and that KW could show me how to do it. I went to every training opportunity possible, met with my team leader ALL the time (who was not selling homes and whose ONLY interest was in MY success) and I decided to grow a team. The next year, I set a team goal of $25 million in sales volume.  Because we followed the model, we hit that goal!  I had been able to double my business like that by putting the MREA systems (MREA is our “bible” for real estate and I will GIVE you a copy when we meet) and I had simply put the KW tools into place for my business and my team.  In 2014 however, I wanted to really blow things up, so I hired a MAPS coach (our KW business coaching department), and she helped clearly paint a vision for where I needed to go.  We realized that I could only grow it “big” if there were a PURPOSE to the business – a purpose that left a legacy of generosity and change within the community we serve.  Wedecided on a big goal of $40 million in sales volume for 2014, and a “Giving” goal of $25,000 – my coach helped guide and coach me every step of the way. We ended 2014 with almost $37M closed and another $2M pending – so, just shy of $40M, and we raised and donated almost $30,000!!  Then in 2015, we closed over $45M by serving 90 families with their sale/purchase of a home, and raised/donate over $42,000.  I tell my team all the time that our goals are not really about sales volume, or gross commission income. This business is about serving people in a way that is not expected from Realtors. Our business is about serving our community and giving back.  By hitting these unbelievable goals, we are able to give to serve dozens of families in an ethical, high-service way AND give to  local charities and community initiatives in amounts that surprise everyone around us. In 2014, we raised and gave almost $30,000 to client chosen charities, local community events and education foundations, and in 2015 it was over $42,000.  Our GIVING GOALs have become our most important, after providing the best service in the industry. And  2016 will surpass $50,000!

So what does this mean for my LIFE?  I have been able to take weekends off for the last 3+ years, to be home with my (now 3!!) children… and I am always at church.  I don’t miss bath time.  I now only work about 40 hours a week, instead of 24/7.  I have made an incredible 6-figure living every year, while growing the careers of the OTHERS around me, which has allowed me to be generous with my time and my finances.  And this happened at Keller Williams.

And it can happen for you too, no matter where you live.

So what does all this mean for YOU?

You need to ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you want to work with a company that helps you put God first, family second and business third?

2) Do you want to be educated by the best in the business?

3) Do you want to be a blessing to your family and community through your sales income, passive income and available time?

4) If you are starting a real estate career, do you want to have the best support and resources in the industry?

5) If you are a seasoned agent, do you want to “know what you don’t know” and double and triple your business because of it?

If you answered YES to any of these, please email me so that we can talk about your next step in this incredible new direction, that will transform both your life and business.  I know that sounds cheesy, but I believe it is absolutely true.  I believe you have an opportunity to see your life transformed, and it starts at your local Keller Williams.  I want to help you succeed, right there, in YOUR town.

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Vanessa Pollock

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