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Blog / Buying a Home / July 10, 2014

House Hunting 101

by Sheri Greenman

Being a Buyer Agent is a fun, rewarding job that I love very much. I find no greater pleasure than to help my buyers find their perfect home. As much fun as it is though, there are certain things that can take a great experience and turn it into a nightmare. Hopefully the list below will help buyers to have the most rewarding experience ever in looking for their house.

  • Whenever possible, DON’T BRING THE KIDS!!!! Don’t get me wrong – our team LOVES kids! But, it’s not fair to you or to them to bring them house hunting. They get cranky, they get tired, they get bored, and if you are seeing a lot of homes at once, you will never remember what you saw, and you will get cranky and tired yourself!
  • Speaking of seeing a number of houses, I don’t recommend seeing more than 5 or 6 in one day. They all start to look alike, and you wil NOT REMEMBER them!
  • Come prepared to look at houses with a full stomach, empty bladder, and have water and power bars with you.
  • This is an important one — HAVE YOUR PRE-APPROVAL and know what your buying power is. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a house you cannot afford. It is frustrating and just plain sad.
  • Start your house hunting when you are actually ready to move! If you start too early (“just to see what’s on the market”), you will likely find a house you love and won’t be ready to move on it. Horrible feeling! Also, by the time you ARE ready, prices may have changed, mortgage rates will likely have changed, the inventory has changed, so it really is futile. Just go for an area tour and find the towns you love, so when you are really ready to move, you can wholeheartedly commit to the houses you see.
  • Lastly, when you DO find that dream house, trust your instincts, and DON’T get too many opinions – from your parents, your friends, your uncle, etc, etc. EVERYONE has an opinion, and I have seen deals go bad because the buyers are trusting their relatives to give them buying advice. Trust your Realtor to guide you in the process and trust her or him to help you make the right decisions. That is why we are here!

So, happy house-hunting, and good luck!!!  SEARCH HOMES SALE HERE: 

Sheri Greenman, Lead Buyer Specialist for the Vanessa Pollock Team


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